Data centre

Our driving force is to help our customers get efficient hosting and create clarity in IT costs.


Uninterruptible delivery at best prices.

Support 24\7 365

We are available around the clock every day of the year to help you.

Redundant kraft

All of our racks are equipped with redundant power supply with uninterruptible UPS and standby generators

Reception service

We can receive your deliveries and place them at your rack


We are operator neutral and you have access to fiber from urban networks.


Our premises are supervised by guards and cameras 24 hours a day.

Frågor och svar

You book up per kW you will need in your rack. If you consume more than booked, your booking will be raised to the next next step.

The service racks are normally delivered the same day and you get took over the guard to your rack. Each rack is equipped with 2 * 0U-PDUs with contact type C13.

1st IP number is normally included. Need more contact your sales contact or customer service (an additional charge may apply).

When you rent a Unit or more, you are in a shared space and can only use the space allocated to you. 1st C13 electric contact with electricity are the only thing you need is konektivitet to the Internet

You tell your provider the ODF number you are assigned by your sales contact with us.

Contact customer service and we will review your needs.